The Moon Comes Out

During 2021, I worked as the Vision Editor on the narrative short The Moon Comes Out. This narrative comedy was about a young werewolf trying desperately to hide his secret from a world that he thinks will hate him for who he is. Production took place under the umbrella of Situated Creative Practice, a QUT program where artists in various fields come together and collaborate to create artistic works. I worked as part of a large crew, particularly the director and post production crew

Vision Editor Responsibilities

Being Vision Editor on The Moon Comes Out involved taking the footage from the on set crew and taking it through the edit pipeline to a version of the film that could be handed off to post sound, colour grade, and visual effects. This involved first organising the footage, creating proxy video clips that would make the large file sizes easier to render on the computer, selecting the best takes, then adapting the script into matching visuals. I collaborated with the director and producers to best utilise what we had filmed, and with post sound to ensure that everything was in order.

Editing with Punch

With comedy, pacing is everything. If the joke doesn’t hit at the right moment in time, then it isn’t funny. As the primary editor for this film, it was my responsibility to ensure that the pacing of the film overall felt natural and led to a neat conclusion and also that the moment-to-moment pacing appropriately set up each punchline or enhanced each comedic moment. This also involved finding the funniest takes and wildest performances.

Creating a Workflow

On this project, I unfortunately did not have an edit assistant or someone else to work with in post production outside of the director Luka Katic. This meant that my workflow and process for editing was of high importance. I developed new techniques to speed up workflow, including setting up access to the footage from home such that transport to and from university was minimised. Another new concept introduced to my workflow was editing each scene individually before editing them together, breaking down the edit into several smaller sections. This kept things much more manageable.

Handing Off

Completing the edit handoff was not a particularly involved process, but it was one which I placed a lot of importance on at the outset of the project. I wanted to ensure that it occurred smoothly due to prior negative experiences with the edit handoff. In reality it was bumpier than I would have preferred but still completed with all departments having access to what they needed. Overall, I was pleased.

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